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"I love that moment in a song when you just get a little grin. Chocolate’s got that kind of feel – you can dance to it, you can sing along to it if you can understand what it means or you can look into it. It’s a feel-good tune"

- Matty Healy on their song Chocolate (x)

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we’ve got guns hidden under our petticoats 

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Chocolate - The 1975 @ The Coliseum, Singapore

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“Spür’ wie dein Herz grad ‘nen Schlag überspringt.” (Casper, Ariel)


i wish there was a way to fall into the sky idk, it would feel so cool

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"…my slower songs are written with the intention of being the last song played at an 80’s prom." ~ the ever romantic Matty Healy

Waking up in my car on the 5th of July with my girlfriend.

"When things aren’t adding up in your life, start subtracting."

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